Making Friends, Encouraging Study

Raquel loves school and she is doing well with her studies. So Raquel and her mother, Melanie, are concerned when they unexpectantly learn that Melanie has to go to Colorado for several weeks.. Neither wants to interrupt Raquel’s school year. Melanie and Raquel visit the new Jicarilla Student Residence and meet with Director David Montoya, who explains the facility’s program for supervised interim student stay: While her mother is away, Raquel can live at the Residence, with room and board at no cost, and keep up with her schooling. There is even a tutoring program and fast Internet service.

On the first day, Melanie comes with Raquel. Raquel is shy, even though she is encouraged by student residents having fun playing basketball and lounging. The Residence matron introduces Raquel to her roommate. Then the matron shows Raquel the necessary things, like how to use the laundry room, and the fun things, like the exercise equipment and the playground. Melanie joins her daughter, her daughter’s roommate and another new friend for lunch under a metal shade on the Residence’s outdoor patio.

Then Melanie has to leave for Colorado.

Raquel’s new surroundings become a home away from home, and because studying is a structured activity, Raquel finds she is able to complete her homework every night. She takes advantage of the tutoring program to improve her math grades. She develops her computer skills because using the Internet is so easy at the Residence. And she has a surprise for her mom: Raquel and her roommate play a couple of games of pool every afternoon. She discovers a talent she didn’t know she had, and now she can’t wait to show her mom.