The Girls and Boys Town National Resource and Training Center began a partnership with the Jicarilla Student Residence in April 2004. Since then Boys Town and the Residence staff have implemented a customized model of care based on the Girls and Boys Town Model. And the Residence staff participate in on-going consultations to ensure success.

Girls and Boys Town services included:

• Program Assessment – Identify strengths, areas for improvement, and make recommendations for enhancement.

• Professional Training – On-site, Effective Skills for Child Care Staff customized training for all Residence staff, including direct-care staff and program administrators.

• Four Comprehensive Consultations – Answer staff questions or concerns related to integrating elements of the Boys Town model into the Residence’s program.

• Supervision Workshop – Observe, consult, and evaluate Residence staff in the customized Boys Town model of care.

• Training for Trainers – Training designed to empower selected administrators to train new employees and provide self-sufficiency in developing staff skills.